With Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you manage your addresses, communicate with your customers and force your sales.


With the E-Marketing System (EMS) you send personalized e-mails or sms to your selections and create FollowUp-e-mails or sms and online customer surveys.


Here you can manage your templates for e-mails, letters (PDF) and invoice documents. You can create new templates and copy existing templates and overwrite.


The WebConnector connects your website to the Worldsoft Business Suite. Registration and order forms, product sale (Quick Shop), surveys, client admin, calandar and affiliate program are available.


Sales statistics are automatically recalculated and can be accessed in real time around the world.


Create quotes, invoices, credit notes and delivery notes. Factura gives you an overview of paid and unpaid bills and pending offers. In the article and stock management, you define your products and services. Automatic processes for billing and reminder save you time.


With affiliate you have a complete partner sales system. Commission runs settle automatically all overdue fees and send the partner the commission note by E-Mail.

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The Worldsoft Business Suite is the ideal business management software for small and medium-sized companies. CRM, lead manager, e-marketing tools (E-Mail- and SMS-Marketing), mail goupware, calendar, billing with inventory management, affiliate system and automatic commissions - everything from a single source. This user-friendly online software can be connected with the WebConnector at each website. The software is flexible, quick to learn and easy to use. More information:

Smartphone App (PWA)

Worldsoft Business Suite (WBS)

With the WBS, your administration and your Internet marketing is of one piece:
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to automate the response to Internet requests
- App-kit (App) for progressive web apps with forms, reservation system, calendar, quick-shop, push messages
- E-marketing system (EMS) for personalized circulars and follow-ups via e-mail and SMS
- Invoice program with article and warehouse management (Factura) for offers, invoices, delivery notes, reminders etc.
- affiliate program (Affiliate) for more reach and revenue

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